Our planet

State of the Planet

The various environmental problems we presently face on earth, such as global warming and acid rain, can be attributed to the excessive consumption of fossil fuels. Over dependence on fossil fuels for energy also affects the health of everyone on Earth.

With global energy consumption continually increasing, we are faced with the need to seriously rethink our approach to the supply of energy. Natural energy sources that do not release CO2 are critical for the creation of a healthier planet.

global warmingacid rain
The clock is ticking

The remaining oil reserves on the earth are equivalent to about 40 years of consumption at the current rate of consumption. Actions must be taken now to avert a crisis of depleting energy sources. Adoption of new natural energy sources is a pressing need for the whole of society.


Solar is the solution

Utilization of solar energy, which is clean and inexhaustible, is a promising substitute for fossil fuels. Photovoltaic (PV) modules are already well established for residential use in many parts of the world. Large-scale home systems can lead to energy self-sufficiency, while smaller-scale systems can at minimum help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, reduce monthly electric utility bills, and decrease negative impact on the planet.